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ok so like 5 sambers return after 10 years to the samb which is a magical land and we met newbies but they seem SUSPICIOUS so we must figure out mystery. 


not 100% if i’m actually gonna do this, this will be like 10 chapters in a year bc i’m a procrastinator and i’m probs gonna drop it in the middle plus everyone will def. be so OOC but LETS DO THIS


samb name:

namr for irl (can be alias):

age irl:

when and why you left the samb:








btw this is NOT first come first serve after a bit i’ll just gather all the forms and roll a dice if i have enough ppl

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call me happeh


she’s bi-eauty, she’s gray-ace



will make puns

we’re just human

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samb name: silvy

namr for irl (can be alias): ella

age irl: 13

when and why you left the samb: idk

personality: sarcastic, happy sometimes idk, funnny sometimes

appearance: irl or samb?? ill jsut put both... irl: short chin length brown hair, tall, thin, blue glasses, brown eyes. samb: p much the same thing but light purple hair and pink glasses and flowers on her head

weapons: idk she uses. flower power.

skills: can cook.

extra: n/a

other: n/a


if anything need sto be chaged tell me im.

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silvy-chan (silvy)


give me my teeth back



syalla's half sister :')



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samb name: Seeker Full Ridge (Darkblade, if using her family name)

name for irl (can be alias): Fallon

age irl: 15

when and why you left the samb: mysterious reasons which are still unknown

personality: depends on her mood really. sometimes pretends to be lazy, but in truth, she really works hard. She keeps many secrets to herself, and has no difficulty lying about them. She actually cares a lot about her subordinates and friends, considering them to be her family. However, she can also be cocky, sly, brave, and stubborn. Sneaky, a bit sly at times, and hard-working. Other times she'll act more as rude, blunt, cynical, sometimes crass, yet cool-headed and a nonchalant individual. Likes to show a level of cockiness toward others when fighting, and known for her cunning tricks. She's clever, sarcastic, arrogant, a bit head strong. She's willing to go there, she know exactly what button to press and how to press them.But she can also caring towards others. 

appearance: Is a burnett with dark blue dye on the tips that turn black at the edge. Her hair length is rather long, like half way through her back and is usually in a basic pony tail or in a fishtail.  Slightly toned skin, and has odd, purple colored eyes. Seeker has a large scar that stretches across her back from her left shoulder down to her right hip. She also had two scars, slightly faint, on her right arm towards the middle of the arm. And has a very fair scar above her left eyes which is small and hard to see. 5'10" tall and has a strong, muscular build.

Casual Clothing: she'll usually wear a  light unbuttoned colored official uniform with short sleeves and a black undershirt with long sleeves. However she also wears the latter with a loose neck warmer when she has no official business and simply loitering about. 

Formal clothing: a long-sleeved, double-breasted black coat with two rows of gold buttons down the front, red details including shoulder epaulettes, gores at the bottom, and stripes on sleeves. Other decorations include gold aiguillettes and white fourrageres worn on the right shoulder, attached to a stylized four leaf clover decoration pendant at the center of her collar, and two bars with unit insignia medal below them on the left. She wears a pair of white gloves, a black on white armband on her left arm, and a similarly striped black and white web belt with a frog for her sword on the left, and a gold waist-plate.And also trousers with two white belts strapped around her left leg and black shoes

weapons: A thin very long, wire, which is very powerful and has many uses, including offensive and defensive techniques. Also a one handed long sword which is placed on her back(the scabbard is there) And usually has her katana at her side with it's sheath. 

skills:an incredibly, skilled swordsman, strategist, and leader who can hold her own in a fight with others. She is very resourceful and a great tactician who tends to plan several moves ahead of her enemies and would adapt well to a given situation even as it changes. Can pick locks like it's a piece of cake, can hid and blend in with her surroundings quite easily, and known for having the best sneak attacks. 

extra:Seeker has a preference for being alone outside in the night and describes herself as nocturnal. She has unconventional ways of moving around buildings, often preferring to enter through the window or through a balcony rather than through the door. She is a nimble and skilled fighter, able to switch modes of combat quickly from swords to hand-combat with ability to stand on her hands and use her feet to extract and fling her opponents sword away. She also carries shuriken on her person as well in case she needs to use a cheap shot. She's thoughtful yet a bit playful, which makes it easy for others to enjoy her company. But when fighting she's a natural at it. 

other:an autobiographical memory and sleight of hand


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Queen Of Time & Sword Dueling

Member of the War Prevention Council

Able to steal the abilities of any magic-user


samb name: Destin

namr for irl (can be alias): Jackson

age irl: 15

when and why you left the samb:he has his reasons

personality:easy going and is a person who is easy to get along with. He's somewhat responsible but can be a bit aggressive sometimes. He cares for those who he sees as his friends and shows respect towards them. has a very respectable, trustworthy, reliable and friendly personality. He can also be very serious and clever. But is  a playful person who's intelligent and bold. He's smart and wise but he does go with the flow a lot. (Sort of like the guy who stands in the background mostly but is important in other ways)

appearance: Handsome young man with short, sand-like blondish hair with a thin small braid on the left side of his head and teal colored eyes. He's surprisingly tall and muscular. His body is slightly less paler than others. He's 5'11" tall

Clothing: A black t-shirt that is tucked into a pair of camo army pants. He had a pair of black combat boots which is pants are tucked into. Often is wearing a pair of black headphones or a pair of goggles hanging down on his neck, sometimes on his head.

weapons: A long handed sword, two small knives in his boots

skills:Amazing cook and tracker. He's great with fighting and doing self defense but he's excellent at card games. (Technically he cheats half the time but only when he knows either rif the other player is also cheating or if the game is really important to win) Surprisingly he has a great soft singing voice, good for singing lullabies and quiet songs. 

extra:He's like an animal whisperer, mostly with cats and birds(ravens, crows, and hawks) and the occasional fox or wolf. 


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#KingOfRoastingPeople#WackyWednesday#MyGangIsTooBig #Oldie




"We left, but did you know? No one noticed us below. We left, but did you care? We're gone for good; goodbye and beware."

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Do I have to have left the SAMB to do this?  If not, save!

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        I'll see you in the future...

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samb name: Felina

name for irl: Holly (not real name in actual real life)

age irl: 14 (not actual age)

when and why you left the samb: too much homework and assignments ;-;

personality: everyone at school says I'm shy but I'm actually not I'm the opposite of shy at home and on the internet.

appearnace: long brown hair, brown eyes, sort of short.

weapons: bow and arrows

skills: can put on weird voices, plays the clarinet and violin and can sort of play the guitar and piano.

extra: watches anime, likes reading and playing video games.

other: nothing else I think

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I'm Back!


Call me Felina



My sister is Megumi


I joined on February 26th 2017




I am a random thread stalker that no one knows



Don't get angry at me for anything I say

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samb name:Nebur

namr for irl :Ruben

age irl:13

when and why you left the samb:I left it ten years ago because I got banned forever

personality:  he(Ruben)/she(Nebur) which gender am I? well never mind Nebur is a kind person but isn't very active in group activities she is mostly chosen as  last, she is very clever but she doesn't show that often 

appearance: white short messy hair(if possible other long black curled hair), blue eyes, short for age

weapons: bow and arrows

skills: sneaking and shooting 

extra:yeah I am describing Nebur 

other: why can't I be 15....

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homethread /313731

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Hold on, if we return after ten years, shouldn't we be much years older than our current self ? Just asking for the people who put their age as 13. 


SAMB name: Jes 

Name irl: Haven 

Age irl: 17

When and why you left the SAMB: Three years ago because I got banned for a week for (make up mild reason) and then forgot about SAMB.

Personality: I'm friendly to most, patient with everything, tired all the time, mature, encouraging, I beat around bushes, I don't like to tell harsh truths and I rarely do. I'm also bad at lying. I'm caring for friends and I try to help them psychologically but often enough, I can't, for I'm lacking the skills. I can solve logic problems and I'm very logical but I can't solve situational problems that have nothing to do with logic. I'm not stubborn but I don't trust strangers but when I do it always ends up being a bad decision. Therefore, I try to not talk to any strangers at all. I'm dubious and dependant, so I can't be a leader at all. I lack sympathy without realizing it. I'm practical but it can be bad when I'm annoyed (which isn't often because I'm patient) so I'll postpone comforting people, making others do the same and forcing them to move on. I can come off as insensitive even though I have good intentions.

Appearance: I have mid-length dirty blond messy waves and full bangs that are swept one way or another. My eyes are dark brown, so dark you can distinguish my pupil from my iris. I have light skin but not too light. I'm 5'6" , skinny with lanky arms. I wear a block colored windbreaker with primary colors (like those vintage ones) over a gray ribbed turtleneck (short sleeve) and a loose pair of black skorts with a very light fabric. I also wear a strap thing to put my weapons behind my back. Black combat boots.

Weapons: A black double scythe that can retract to become shorter and can fit onto the strap on my back. Two knives, one in each of my boots.

Skills: I'm really really fast and since I dance, I'm light on my feet and agile. My legs are strong so I deliver strong kicks. I'm logical and book smart.



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ᴀᴘᴏʟʟᴏ's sᴜɴ ᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ P̲A̲R̲I̲S̲

ᴜs ʀɪᴅɪɴɢ B̲I̲K̲E̲S̲  ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄɪᴛʏ

ɪɴ S̲E̲P̲T̲E̲M̲B̲E̲R̲





No language, just sound, that's all we need to kno    

    To synchronize love to the beat of the show  

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you'd be an adult, yes

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call me happeh


she’s bi-eauty, she’s gray-ace



will make puns

we’re just human

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Can we make a background character?

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H  L

  A  O



To the Haven for Werewolves, 54 pages, and over 2,100 posts.


So not Luana.