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This is a legend of Zelda breath of the wild Rp set after link defeats Ganon.  What happened is after Link defeated Ganon, Link and Zelda set out to rebuild Hyrule.  But strange things have been happening.  The sheikah have dissapeared, Monsters are more aggressive, and Gaurdians have been attacking towns.  You live in one of five towns, Hateno, where the Zora's live, where the Goron's live, where the Rito live, and where the Gerudo live. (You have to be a female for the gerudo)  If you want to have lived somewhere else, just let me know.  Also this is my first Rp on here.


This is the form template.





Town(where you lived):





This is mine:

Name: Zadia

Race: ???

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Town: Hateno

Personality: He's pretty Outgoing and likes to explore a lot.  He's usually really kind and reasonable but when he is under pressure he can be irrational and mean.

Looks: He has long brown hair and green eyes, pale skin, and he is 6'.  He wears red clothing and always has a hood covering part of his head on.


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