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Random girl who doesn't watch anime: He's cute. He's my husband.

Me: *stops admiring glorious picture* *forces smile* Oh... You like him? That's fine! *forces laugh* Hehehehe...

Random girl who doesn't watch anime: *walks away*

Me: *planning ways to get her away from my husband*

Friend: Are you ok? She just said she likes him.

Me: *eye twitch* I'm fine!

*five minutes later*

Me:*yandere smile* Well. That adds to the list of girls who like my senpai. *writes girl name on list* Now to the planning!

Friend: you need help.

Me: He's my senpai! MINE!

Friend: Okay then. I'm just gonna... You know... *backs away slowly*




(This happened 5 minutes ago. This happens with me many times. But mostly with my friend.)

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