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Prologue -

  Accalia trampled through the thick wood in the mountains of Colorado. Her legs moved beneath her pushing her towards her prey. The buck swiftly moved to another row of trees, moving up the hill.  Accailia was in her wolf form, and it made it very hard to move in between the thick trees. Accailia’s eyes narrowed, and she pushed herself harder. Her family was starving during the winter, and her little sister was very sick. Eventually, the path both Accailia and the buck were taking led to a clearing, one where Accalia remembered going to when she was younger. Accailia hid behind a tree as the buck stopped checking it's surroundings. Once it thought it was safe, it bent down to eat the grass below it. Taking advantage of the situation, Accalia jumped out, her jaws spread wide. She landed in front of the buck, and clamped it's neck in her jaws. The buck thrashed, but it only proceeded to further tear Accailia’s teeth in it. Eventually the buck gave up. It laid still. Accailia then laid down and looked into the d*ing buck's eyes.  


"Thank you for providing food for my family." Accailia whispered as the buck passed away.

    Accalia shifted into her 16 year old self, and proceeded to drag the buck back to her family's den by it's legs. Once outside the door of the den, she knocked. A woman who looked to be in her 40s opened the door. She had long black hair held up in a ponytail and she looked as if she was Asian. She helped Accalia take the buck inside the den, and then Accailia’s father came over to help her. The tall man was Native American, and he was the strongest in the family.


  Accalia went to sit on the couch. The den was as big as a house that one of those, dare she say it, normal peoples'. Accalia’s father had said that his family had kept this as a home for generations, and they had always lived here. The house was decorated with things their family had found and bought over the years. The couch was bought from the normal people, and it was fairly new. It was a dark gray, with light blue pillows and several blankets thrown over one arm. Next to the couch was a rocking chair where Grandma sat and knit sweaters for Accalia and her siblings. It had a cushion on it, and a bear skin covered the back. There was another couch next to the rocking chair, and it mirrored the one Accalia sat on. On the floor, there was a rug on the ground and it was covered with toys her little siblings had left on the floor. In the den, they did not have TV so most of the kids were entertained by playing or reading. Accailia also took two or three of her siblings out for a run.


     From down the hall, several white, black, brown or gray wolf pups came running. They were Accailia’s little siblings and boy were they obnoxious. Noticing that Grandma was asleep in the rocking chair, Accalia stood up with a stern look on her face.

"Now, Asena, Aspen, Maria, Hunter, and Carly, Grandma is asleep. You do not want to wake the sleeping wolf inside her." Accailia scolded.

   Asena, a gray wolf, whined at Accailia’s feet. Noticing the mad look on Accailia’s face, Asena led her pack of little siblings away. Accailia sighed in relief. If her Grandma was woken up, so would Amara, the sleeping wolf inside her, and Amara would bite everyone until they said sorry, and left the den.

    You see, everyone in her family was a werewolf. Well, except for their mother. Accailia’s mother was not a werewolf, but was fine with marrying one because her family was prone to do strange things. Why, Accailia had no idea. Accailia’s family have been werewolves since her bloodline first received the curse for committing a crime against a very powerful wolf. Magena. That was her name.  Magena meant moon in Native American, and it was rumored she was the daughter of the moon, and the very first werewolf. No one knows if she has any descendants but if she did Accalia and her family would be in trouble. Why? Because when her ancestors became werewolves, all the existing werewolves became packs. Accailia’s ancestors becoming the Spirit Moon Pack, and Magena and her family becoming the Blizzard Mountain Pack. The Spirit Moon Pack and the Blizzard Mountain Pack battled for many years and a huge rivalry has existed since, the Blizzard Mountain Pack wanting to k*ll the Spirit Moon Pack and vice versa. Then, one day, the Blizzard Mountain Pack disappeared. No one knows where they went, just that the got up and left. Accalia grew bored just sitting around. Then she got an idea. None of Accailia’s ideas were good when got a glint in her eyes, and that is just what it was.


"Hey Mom! Can I go check the storage room?" Accailia asked.
"Sure honey! Just don't get into trouble!" Her mother called back.
"Thanks!" Accailia replied.


  She got up and headed to the storage room. It was dusty and filled with boxes. In the back corner, Accailia hid some books and electronically stuff that somehow worked up where she is and that she got from a normal friend at school. She moved boxes enough so she could get through and then moved the back into position so people couldn't see her. She sat down in the corner and picked up the phone. The case was of a wolf howling, and the wolf was Accailia! Her friend had taken the picture when she had been hiking alone and had spotted a wolf howling. Accailia’s friend did not know it was her.  Accailia looked across the space and spotted something shiny. Getting curious, Accailia moved closer to it. It was an old chest, the wood cracked and old. Accailia dusted off the top, and looked at the lock. She allowed her hands to turn into claws, which she used to unlock it. Accailia lifted up the lid. Instead of finding something interesting, a light burst out of it that shocked her. She let out a scream as she felt herself being pulled into the light. Suddenly, she was sucked into the chest and it all went black.


  Accailia let out a shriek as she fell from the sky. The feeling of being weightless made her feel scared for the first time in her life. She subconsciously shifted into her wolf form, which could absorb most of the impact. Accailia would possibly be left with a twisted ankle or sprained wrist, but no serious injuries. Accailia’s eyes closed as she landed on the ground.


      The white wolf laid spread in the ashes of a house, the ash turning her fur black. A short boy with green hair stared at her in shock. Then he noticed the wolf slowing turning into a 12 year old girl with long black hair in a french braid and copper colored skin. The girl groaned and sat up, her eyes opening. Her eyes were a very dark brown and they darted around, taking in the scene.


“Who are you?” The girl asked.

The green haired boy shook his head, “I think I should be asking you that.”

The black haired girl stood up and dusted of her outfit. “Sorry. I’m Accailia Traitare. And you are …” She stuck out a hand.

The boy regarded Accailia with a cautious glance. He did not know what to think of a girl who fell from the sky and can turn into a wolf. Then her shook her hand. “Yzarc, Pizza C Yzarc.”


       Pizza C then sat back down on a log in front of a fire pit. He narrowed his eyes at the fire pit. Accailia sat across from him, stray hair falling into her face.


“Well, Pizza C, can you tell me where I am?” Accailia asked.

“First can you tell why you are here?”

Accailia frowned, “Honestly, I have no idea. One minute I was in my family's storage room, then I’m sucked into a light coming from a chest, and the next I’m in a strange land.”

Pizza C arched an eyebrow. “Well, the ‘strange land’ is my home, SAMBeria.”


Accailia muttered something, then pointed a finger at the dying fire. A small flame flew from her finger to the logs.



    The next few minutes were spent in silence. Accailia stared at the sky while Pizza C still looked shocked. Then a girl burst through the woods, riding something that looked like a unicorn.


“Pizza C! I heard a shriek,” The girl started, then she noticed Accailia, “Who are you?”


    The girl had wavy blonde hair in a very messy bun on the side her head and pine green eyes. Her eyes reminded Accailia of the pines in Colorado. The girl had pale skin and a lean but muscular build. She wore an off the shoulder top, with a peasant skirt. On her temple there was a circlet. Accailia reached up and touched her own silver circlet, remembering the day she received it. It proclaimed her as the future Alpha of the Spirit Moon Pack. Accailia stood up and bowed to the girl. The circlet proclaimed the girl as a princess or a queen.


“I am Accalia Luana Rose Lunar Traitare.” Accailia told the girl.

“I’m Cassy Lunice.” The girl said. “Mind telling me why you are here, and why you are with Pizza C?”

“It’s a long story.” Accailia replied.

“I have time. So tell.” Cassy said, sitting in between Pizza C and Accailia.


    Accailia explained what had happened before the moment in time. She fiddled with black part of her olive green shirt nervously. Cassy nodded. Accailia also explained exactly who she was and what she could do.


“You know, I think it would be good for you to explore. Care to join me?” Cassy asked.

“Sure!” Accailia said eagerly.

“Of course. Do you want to turn into a wolf and follow me?” Cassy replied.


       Accailia did as instructed, and together Cassy and Accailia headed off. The forest was thick, with trees that seemed to come from all over. The path in front of them was sometimes visible, sometimes not. This SAMBeria is a strange land. Accailia was startled by a cat running in front of her. Her wolf instincts told her to run after it, but her human side refused. A brown haired girl streaked after it, shrieking at it to stop. A redhead entered the clearing across from them. The cat crossed in front of the redhead, and the brown haired girl tripped and fell.


“Hey, need a hand Topaz?” The redhead asked.


    The brown haired girl, Topaz, nodded. She got up and dusted off her shorts, and then the redhead and Topaz streaked after the cat. Now another cat ran out of the house. The wolf in Accailia took over, and she ran after the cat. The redhead shouted something at Topaz.

Topaz looked over at the white wolf chasing her beloved cat. “Oh no!” Topaz shouted.


 Topaz scooped up the first cat and locked it in her house, then Topaz ran after Accailia. Topaz caught up with the wolf, who had cornered the second cat beneath Cassy’s unicorn. Scooting around Accailia, Topaz quickly grabbed the shivering cat and then turned to face the wolf.


“Bad wolf! Very bad wolf!” Topaz scolded.

“Uh, Topaz, I don't think you should be scolding the wolf,” The redhead said as she made her way over to Topaz. The white wolf was indeed growling, the blue eyes glaring at the brown haired girl.

“Topaz, Ocean, that is Accailia. She is new here. Accailia, mind changing back?” Cassy spoke.


 The wolf’s ears perked up at the word Accailia. Then the wolf nodded, and changed into her 12 year old form. Topaz and Ocean looked at her, astonished.

“Uh, hi,” Accailia said.


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