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i reccomend you watch the first two or three episodes or the whole 2 season for you to get lolirock. boys, read this story without watching the series unless you are into magical princesses trying to save earth and their world.


Prolougue: (these events take place before the end of Season 1)


"Lyra, Princess of Aquarius!"

Water swirled around me, and my dress appeared. Ruffled layers with a water droplet across my chest, small little sleeves with frills just across my shoulders. Boots that are diamond within diamond within diamond. My magical earring elongating, another one appearing in my other ear. Fingerless gloves and I swirled my hands behind my head. My normal short, shaggy mahogany hair elongated, turning into a curly ponytail. At the base of the ponytail, two angel wings appeared. My makeup magically applied itself, and a large droplet appeared in my hand. I threw it behind me, and the bottom part of my dress appeared, sparkly mesh in the shape of a teardrop, bluer at the end. "Crystal Quaris!" I shouted, crystal rain showering my enemies. I knew that Graymorr had taken over all of Aquarius. I needed to make sure to travel to Earth, meet up with Talia, Auriana, and Iris. I needed to, for the sake of the universe.

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