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I actually pre ordered wild born. The I saw the game ad in my book literally the day the book came out and made an account. I played the game for a while and I stalked the forums every couple of days. I didn’t feel comfortable joining though. Fast forward 4 years and I was stalking the SAMB like normal, and I saw a mod post with no replies. I was like OH MY GOSH I CAN BE FIRST REPLY so I replied just saying first. Then I made an thread where I introduced myself and met some people, made some RPs, joined some, and now I post 1 or 2 pages a day.


Wow I can’t even believe I’ve been here so long

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Mr Manticore





#Panda Lazer


#Remember Zoe and Sally

I’m particularlgoofinder!

My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.


Hey all, crippling depression here!


Level 99 edgelord

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*cue the half of my life story* I was a young second grader who was obsessed with this new series I had found, Spirit Animals. When I discovered the game, I was super excited and started playing it. I found the forums and did a few posts on there, but I didn't know anyone and no one knew me and I can't remember that much about the old forums. Anyways, fast forward 6 years. I hadn't gone on the forums or the game for years. One day, I just decided to go back on. I started playing the game and doing the forums again, but a lot had changed. I think you know what happened next. 

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 I’m edgy now I guess

Toffee’s Still a Walnut



It’s my Forum Birthday Today


And if you say you’re okay 

I’m gonna heal you anyways

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*clears throat* I read the books in third grade, and I started playing the game soon after that. I didn't do the forums before I made my second account (this one). I actually started out doing fairly weird posts, and my rps sucked. I didn't have good examples, and my characters were lacking. Now, most of my characters are really good. And so are my Ros!

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H  L

  A  O



To the Haven for Werewolves, 54 pages, and over 2,100 posts.


So not Luana.


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i read the first book in 3rd-4th grade. found the code. played the game, found teh forums. First pages of posts were really bad, since I never stuck to one color/font, I was quite noob-y, i copied an rp once or twice, and my povs weren't exactly the best. now, i'm better, because teh samb helped me through the years.

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My name is Random, though you may have heard of me as Animal.


(You can call me Wist/Wistful/Nova)

"When there's no peace on Earth, there is peace in Christ"  

Im a Mormon and what's wrong with that?

A Million Dreams  

Pilot of the Green Lio

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Last year I read Fablehaven, and while I was looking for the next book, I also found Wild Born, so I checked it out of the library and read it, realized it had a game on the same website as the 39 clues game, played it a bit, forgot about it for a while, stalked the WoFMB for a few months, discovered the SAMB a bit before christmas, stalked the thread where Ishmael shouted at everyone for not being at elf practice while fighting with candy canes, stalked the WoFMB some more, started posting on the WoFMB in January, visited T39CMB for the first time, and now I'm posting on here every so often.

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"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching."~S. Paige

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