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Shadows crept through the night. As a warning hiss arose from a rock, a war cry was shouted, and the rocks and grasses were alive with many cats. "Kimfeather! We will never make it!" Shouted a black tom. "Yes we will, Robinspirit!" yelled a Calico she-cat over the yowling of the other cats. Kimfeather looked around and saw Slimpaw, her apprintice, fighting a full-grown warrior of Seaclan. "Slimpaw! No!" exclaimed the calico. The She-cat sprang apon the warrior, pushing life out of his lungs. "Slimpaw are you OK?" Asked the warrior. "of course, Kimfeather." Said the tiny apprintice. The brave warrior steped onto a rock. "Pondclan! RETREAT!" She shouted. Cats left their battles and ran towards the She-cat. soon there was a victory cry from the midst of the Seaclan cats, and they all celabrated. "last time I retreat to you... Flighttail." She said as she walked off the bloodstained battlefeild.

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I am a tribute from District 11

I am a witch from Ravenclaw

I am a Greencloak

I am a Soulrider from Jorvick Stable.

I am a fox in Animal Jam.

I am me!