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We had to make boats out of cardboard and duck tape. Fun right? Nope! 


Our science teacher gave is about 2 weeks to get it done. He also assigned us groups. In other words, he put the kids who where struggling with the kids who where doing fine. 


We we each had to bring in cardboard and duck tape. I was the ONLY ONE from my group to bring cardboard. Oh and the kid who was supposed to bring tape, yeah... he brought it in one day before the boat was due. 


You know those people who would rather talk than get a good grade? We all have those right? Anyway, I had 2 of them in my group. I didn't see them for an entire week we where supposed to work on this. The other member of the group, well, I don't even know what to say about him. He sat in the hallway and played games on his computer. Just... nope, didn't even get me started on him. I screamed at him and then got in trouble for it. 


Then there is me. Little old me who has never worked with cardboard in their life, left by myself to make a boat. I folded cardboard for the base and then the same for the walls. I duck taped the seems together and made it water tight. It was actually not that bad. I was very proud of myself.


finialy, testing day comes around. I'm super stressed out, a yelled at a kid for touching me. That's exactly how stressed I was. I was about to crack any second. We push the boat in the water and the lightest kid on our team is supposed to get in it. Apparently, he doesn't know how to get in a boAt. He flings himself over the side, hitting the wall of the boat and flipping it over. He was fine it's like four foot water so nothing too bad. The try's to pull himself onto the upside down boat and completely sinks it. 


By by this time I'm about to burst into tears. Mind you, this took 2 weeks of my working by myself to make. I stomp into the water to retrieve the boat from the lake bottom. The kid who sunk it just kinda stands there and stares at me. I give him the death glare and drag it back to land. 


Do do you know what wet cardboard smells like? I'll tell you, it smells like anger, crushed dreams, wasted time, and disappointment. 


Once I dragged to to land I set it down and stared at it. I was looking at all my hard work in a soggy disintegrating blob. I started to cry. Again I was very stressed out over this. 


My teammates didn't even help me clean up the wet cardboard mess. I just... I can't express in human words how angry and upset and disappointed I was. Do you ever just wanna punch a tree? That was me. Right there, sitting by the lake, trying to resist the urge to smack people with a chair. 


I haven't spoken to my teammates since. Maybe I was just having one of those days but it always seems like I put in all the work. Seems like I always get the people who don't want to/won't work. This is kinda mean of me but, Maybe they don't care about their grades but I hope that are failing.


Thanks for listening to my rant. (of you made it this far) 

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ίʍʍα ԹαηɕαƘε

є¢:¢єит:яι¢ αυмα

զųɛɛŋ ơʄ ԹҽɾվԵօղs

thi iŞ ipŞŞilē, tē, friē fr lifē"

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I’m just... speechless. Honestly, you have more restraint than me for sure. I would have actually hit that idiot who pushed the boat over. I’m crazy impressed with you though... when I first started reading your post I thought you meant a tiny lil toy, not something an actual human could get in! I’m really sorry about the idiot who sunk it, toss an eraser at them for me please

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 ᴶˢ ᴿ ˢˢ ᴿᴿ

              ɕαɾԹε ησɕϯմʍ

         ᴬ ᴿ , ɪʟs


         ᴘɪɴɪɴɢ ʜ sɴʀɪs



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if nobody else does anything in the group I am extremely happy about it. I hate group projects. My classmates always find a way to ruin everything. I can’t trust anyone but myself with projects. I usually end up doing projects that are supposed to be in a group by myself.

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I’m particularlgoofinder!

My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.


Hey all, crippling depression here!


Stop booing me like I care.

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I had one of those groups to last year.

During the mini-fete at my school, I worked with a group of about five other girls at the face painting/hair spray stand, I was one of the girls in charge of the face paint. I didn't do too bad of a job of it either. At one point everyone else in my group except for one decided to take an extra long break,leaving me and that one other member of my group to manage the stall by ourselves, I think I did a decent job of running the store, and once everyone had come back, I decided that it was time for a small break, but before I could head of, buy something to eat or drink, or even just relax, one of the teammates that had decided to ditch the stall asked me to take care of this one last customer, I postponed my plans for a break and went to work, but by the time I finished, the mini-fete was over, I had worked for basically most of the day, and I was the only one in the team that didn't get a break.

I was extremely bitter after-wards and I still kind of am, most of the girls in that group I was friends with, so it stung badly to be taken advantage of like that, when we had to clean up the stall I wanted to just sit there and leave the others to clean up, after all, they left me to do all the work while they sat down in the shade likely chatting and having a good time, they should see how it feels when it's done to them, but I had a second thought and decided to help anyway, I don't talk to them that much anymore, just the occasional "Hello"s, really the only one I'm not angry at is that one girl who stayed behind and helped me run the stall when everyone else decided to abandon us to do all of the work.


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