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Ok, I am sure you are asking like "But aRcTic! The charger comes with the console and stuffff" THAT I am aware of, thing is, ehem... I bought my Wii U in the USA shortly after it came out, and I played with it happily in South America. Now, you all know I live in Europe now, right? (WELL IF YOU DIDNT, NOW YOU DO dumdumdummmm) And I guess you also know that in Europe the system's different and the plug-in as well, so I could not play since the AC Adapter of the Wii U could not connect in this foreign landsss. I couldnt play with it for like 2 years or more until yesterday. I went with my cousin to Gamestop and found an adapter and charger from the EU, of course I bought it and I can finally play with my Wii U xD.


yay im happy although I wont use it that much since I have a Switch xd ;w;;;

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awww... sorry for your luck!! We have one and the only problem is that my brothers never charge the gamepad, making the cord to charge it fall behind the desk and i havent to miss my screentime to help them get it.

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