So excited to talk Wild Born with all of you!! It had been a LONG time since I read it -- I think since it first came out! Was anyone reading it for the first time? If it was a reread, how long had it been for you?

It was so interesting to go back and see how the relationships developed between all the characters -- they know each other SO WELL by The Dragon’s Eye, it’s weird to see them as strangers, but neat to watch them slowly learn to trust each other. SPOILER IN WHITE: And as a Worthy fan, it was interesting to go back and see him as Devin again!

Abeke trusting Zerif gave me the shivers, and I was so relieved when she broke free at the end. And on a lighter note -- did it seem like Conor had a little crush on Meilin in this book? SPOILER IN WHITE: I’m so used to  Reilin, it caught me off guard!

What struck you the most on this reread? What was your favorite scene? And -- should we continue on to Hunted?


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Yeah, I agree, it was kinda weird how Conor acted around Meilin, kinda like how I first acted around my first crush...


My favorite scene...hmmm...was when Barlow and Jools died fighting, because it was they showed they were true, honorary greencloaks (in my opinion of course), too bad they couldn't survive till the evertree...


We really should continue to Hunted!





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yes I'm pretty positive that  connor had a crush on meilin because when rollen tried to escape he bumped into connor who asked for advice about girls.


my favorite part? well its probably when meilin defeated the ravens. if only i could see her friends faces, it would have been priceless.


now that i think about it you probably should do a hunted reread, though it would be better to talk about the newest spirit animals book, we don't have one because for some reason the authors decided to quit the series.




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This was a re-read for like, the twentieth time for me... like, since one week, xD.

I think reading it again was weird because of all the character changes. And I don't think Conor really had a crush on Meilin, I think he was just sort of shy (due to not getting out much while being a shepherd and being a servant) and trying to give advice that sort of made him seem like he liked Meilin. After all, she was sort of a noble character (a general's daughter) compared to Conor and Rollan, and also the only girl in the 3-person group at that time.

Like usual, I really got sort of depressed when Barlow saved Abeke and then he was (literally) stabbed in the back (by Zerif). It just reminded me that sometimes doing good deeds does not result in having a good ending, but I also reminded myself that that doesn't mean that I shouldn't help people.

And we should totally continue on to Hunted! (But let's speed the process up, should we? :D)

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Rereading Wild Born was like going down memory lane for me, I got super nostalgic :,) Looking back at how the Four Fallen started was so eye opening after The Dragon’s Eye, seeing and being reminded on how the strong relationships and bonds we know today being formed was so cool to see! Especially the beginnings of the Abeke-Shane relationship was so interesting. SPOILER— wow i got really confused for a second when they kept on referring to Shane’s spirit animal as a wolverine haha, i almost forgot he faked his spirit animal for a while.


And yeah! While of course it’s Reilin forever and ever, it was still kinda cute to see Conor getting nervous around Meilin before they became friends. 


I think my favorite scene from this book will have to always be the scene the got me into the series and showed me that this series is special: the training scene with Conor-Meilin-Rollan trying to work the relationships and powers of their spirit animals for the first time. The way that the three interacted with each other and their spirit animals was so fun and cool to see. Something always makes me smile everytime I read that scene.



wow that was so long sorry :o

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There's so much I could talk about, where do I start?


It's so... weird coming back to book one and seeing Conor, Meilin, and Rollan act so awkward when they first meet. Thank goodness Rollan actually tries to keep a conversation going (I could use a guy like him in real life). But being Rollan, nearly every line he says is pure sass, and I love it!


Also, it's so nostalgic yet fun to see how each of the heroes first struggled to strengthen their bonds - none of them even knew what it meant to bond to a Great Beast. I would say that out of everyone, Abeke and Uraza formed the strongest bond and did it the quickest. Conor and Briggan come in second place as they get along, but not to the same degree of teamwork. No surprise here, but Rollan and Essix would have to come in last. And although Jhi is more cooperative than Essix, Meilin actually struggles to connect with her spirit animal, and doesn't seem to draw on any new powers yet.


And I had almost forgotten how Jhi could appear in Meilin's dreams and actually talk to her. It was so surprising and cool to hear the former Great Beast speak.


You know what's even cooler though? Barlow throwing Arax off that cliff (does this mean that he was the strongest SA character ever?). It was sad to see his death but you know... villains need a chance to shine too, and Zerif wanted the spotlight... 


Speaking of villains though, Devin's so mean and angry and specifically furious at Conor! You know what that means? Onto Hunted next!

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Some great points about these relationships developing!


I felt so bad about Barlow! He tries to stay away from the Greencloaks and when he decides to help (in a super impressive way!), he dies.


But he knew what he was getting into, and story-wise it was important for our heroes to see how very high the stakes are in this new life they've entered...

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Wings of Fire Book #12: The Hive Queen (December 26, 2018!!!)!