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The book is old with leather binding, the pages clearly written in a rush.

it says:


I realized I've never really introduced myself, so consider it that.


1. I've always been known as Shadow on the SAMB 

2. I now want to change my nickname

3. I join in 2014

4. I went inactive around 2017

5. I am in a reading + writing slump

6. I have never been shipped

7. I've always wanted to know who people would ship me with, but then...

8. I was apart of mystic Forest RP, I may recreate it but with a twist

9. I am mainly on here to RP but I love to chat


hi. whoever you are. if your reading this. it's too late. respond in white if you got this message

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             Call me Shadow



Gang: Odetta/morse | Alizeh/Binary | Adelin/hex | Ace|Lola/moonrise | Aine|phoebe



You knock me out, I fall apart