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Forecast: mostly sunny skys with a chance of light showers this afternoon, shorts would be appropriate!


MO Weather: not on my watch! *heavy rain lightning and harsh winds, still somehow hot as the surface of the sun*


Me: *is about to walk into school*


MO weather: wait, let me help you with that! *rainbows and mist and the ground is steaming*


me: *hair becomes extremely curly and rejects my ponytail holder*


me: hopefully the weather is cleared up for good and I can take my hat and gloves off.


MO Weather: YOU PUNY HUMANS LEARN NOTHING! *pelts the tin sided school building with penny sized hail while the sky is illuminated by lightning*


MO weather: 

'Cause baby, when you're gone
All it does is rain, rain, rain down on me
Each drop is pain, pain, pain when you leave

'Cause baby, when you're gone

All it does is rain


me: erm, I'm trying to do this math test so count you mayb-


MO Weather: *hails with a rainbow still visible* No. 


me: *facedesk* welcome to Missouri, where forecasts are fake, seasons are an illusion, weather is made up, and you can have all four seasons in a single week! Anyone else having this problem?


10 points for you if you read all that. I had too much fun writing that, and it's what actually happened today. We briefly lost power yesterday but it was back up within the class period. But seriously, does anyone else have this problem? We are like Mother Nature's paint pallet of seasons and weather. It's fun sometimes, but more often than not it's just annoying. 

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We're Functioning just fine, we're alive

What's your Malfunction?

Bring it forth perfects a bore for what it's worth

Curvy, skinny, or bizarre

The best shape is who you are

Raise your hand if you're not from a mold

Varied strings are worth more than gold

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@Ray- It's like that in Utah, too!

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Sounds a bit like Texas. Except it's usually sunny and hot instead of crazy rain and stuff.

We can have four seasons in a week though, though most of the time Texas seems to not know what seasons are. There's two- hot, slightly less hot. The only time it gets cold is in winter, and really only if there's a cold front passing through. I mean, we get jackets and stuff out, but not really heavier ones. 

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There never waֆ a ǝɔoɥɔ


Why so silent, good Messieurs?

Did you think that I had left you for good?


One day I was walking and I found this big log


...Yes, I'm hiding in a crate. Tickets are expensive.