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More specifically, Vancouver. Mainly for Thomas Sanders, because that man... that man is a literal god. He’s pure and sweet and kind-


Sorry. It’s late, and I’m getting off track.


Anyway, it would be nice if something like that were to ever happen. Unfortunately, my luck sucks. I doubt we’ll ever get a vidcon near my location. Or any event, really.


But the thing that really bums me out is the fact that, even if I wanted to go, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able  to summon up the courage to ask to go, wouldn’t be able to do all these cool things without my parents. They’re clingy, protective, want to be with the kids all the time... but I’m fourteen. I’ve been independent for as long as I can remember. So yeah. Even if I wanted to go, and did go, I wouldn’t be able to stray away to do my own thing, meet new people with the same nerdy interests as mine. A shame, really. I’d love to go meet some of the people I look up to and give me enough confidence to get through the day (pathetic, I know) but I wouldn’t be able to do it even if I got the opportunity to.


On another note, it’s scary how easily my body has gotten used to staying up until six and waking at 2. I’m staying up all night to reset my sleeping patterns... I have school coming up. I can’t do this anymore.

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"I'm not the one who's lost with no direction, but you'll never see."Thanks for the memories, everyone. I'll miss you all.


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(Even if vidcon came close enough to my state over here, my parents probably wouldn’t go. I get to go to comic con though, so I can’t complain.)


Also, good luck on the sleep schedule thing.

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Proud hufflepuff


beauty comes from unity

where people taunt, hope says “try one more time”


your loving hybrid friend,


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It would also be Nice for it to go to the OTHER SIDE of the United States 

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