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Going on hiatus again. I’ve never been able to truly leave this place, but we don’t know when the last goodbye will be, do we?


Whether this is a more permanent leave or I might come back some day, it stands that I need a break. I’m a disaster right now – everything I say makes people worry about me or hate me, and a lot of my friends are worried about me, and I think my instructor is fed up with me at this point because of everything. Maybe he’s not. I don’t know.


. . . he’s probably not.


But I know he hates it when I get all depressed and disappear inside myself. He shouldn’t have to put up with me, and I really need to be a better friend.


Until I fix this . . . I can’t be here. After training with my friends, I feel fine. That’s the only thing I look forward to anymore, and it makes me feel a lot better. But then I come here, and that “okay-ness” is destroyed.


I don't know what I want to do about taekwondo anymore. Training with my friends, as I mentioned, is great. But beyond that, I'm really unhappy there, and I can barely keep it together for one class anymore. Just . . . the realization that I can never be an instructor, that I'll never make it to the Olympics . . . it's crushing, frankly, and that's not even half of it. I feel hated, unwanted, and rejected, and I don't fit in. I could go on and on about this, but I won't.


It's not as simple as "just quit". I'm afraid of gaining weight and outside of this, I don't exercise. There's that and I also feel like I have to continue; part of me doesn't want to give up. Hm. I thought all my fighting spirit was gone.




This is a goodbye post. Let's get to the point.


Some "last wishes", if you will:


1. Don't let anyone take the name Samurai.

2. I do not permit anyone to use my writing in anything.

3. I do not permit anyone to use my characters in anything.

4. Try to keep this place alive for me, okay?


I'll miss you guys.



Arl – Thanks for being my friend. 


Foggy – Stay strong for me. I'm one to talk, right, but it does get better. You will heal; it just takes strength. And you can be strong - I know you can. Believe in yourself. :)


Key – Thanks for caring and trying to help me; it helps to know I don't have to go through this alone. I'll miss you.


Eternity – Stay spiffy, frond. -leans on cane- And remember, grasshoppa, eat your spinach! >8( In all seriousness, thanks for everything. You might still see me elsewhere, but in the event that you don't, know that you made a difference. It's true that I'm far from being okay, but talking to you always helps. Thank you.


Ocean – All the OC stuff was fun. -sprays Tarik with paint- Thanks for making me smile. I'll miss you a lot, friend.


Happeh – You can DM me on Discord, although I don’t check it very often. I'll try, though. o_o Thanks for being my friend.


Talon – I doubt you’re reading this, since we don’t know each other that well, but hang in there. Freshman year is tough, but you’ll be all right. Don’t be so hard on yourself (says the hypocrite) – it’s not about what you look like. It’s about who you are, who you choose to be. Remember that.


Galaxian – I might still be on the wiki sometimes (I check it out of habit), but I’m gonna need you to hold down the fort for me. If you need help with something, I should be able to get back to you, but you know a lot more about coding and such than I do, so you should be fine.



I'm not sure how to wrap this up - my mind just went blank. Am I supposed to put an uplifting quote here or something? I would, if I knew any . . .


Hopefully I'll get better . . . but I'll be honest, right now I don't see a way to fix this.


. . . I feel like I need to say something . . .


. . . I'll miss you guys, but I already said that . . .


. . . 





Signing off for the last time,






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Aww. Goodbye, friend, and may we meet again. 

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I support your decision to leave, even if it's only for a while, if being here makes you feel that way.


Good luck with everything.



And take some of your own advice, Samurai...

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We will never be forgotten

for we've all played our parts

and if the memories are erased

they'll still be in our hearts

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Goodbye, I hope everything gets better


And if you work hard enough then you will become an instructor and go to the Olympics. If you think you won’t then you won’t have the power in your mind to work hard. 

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Samurai, I will personally see to it that your final wishes will be granted, and if anybody tries to disagree, I will fight them. I'm sorry you're leaving, but if it's the right decision, it's the right decision. You've been, and still are one of my best friends. Thanks for being my friend. Stay Samurai. I'll miss you, friendo. 


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Thank you, Samurai. You've made me feel so, so much better than how I felt a few weeks ago. I will stay strong if you do. Good luck. Follow your fire, Samurai.

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"Ever get that feeling that you're, like, tired?"


Also hi.


Mildly problematic.

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I do hope you come back someday, Samurai, but whatever choice you make, it's yours and I respect it. Thanks for being my friend and a fellow SAMBer; you really helped me out when I was a (very new) newbie (I still am). I'll work on the wiki the best I can. I wish you luck in your journey! When I see you on television competing in the Olympics, I'll be rooting for you. :)

And who knows? Maybe you'll see me in it too, xD.

I'll miss you. May Tarik (and the gang) guide you towards success and happiness! :D


-Galaxian Explosion-

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@Samauri, ii will definity fufill your wishes! and hanks for the advice! Hope you come back soon!





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@samurai (I swear if I misspelled that...) I wish you a good life, and that you manage to accomplish what you want. Hopefully you find other things to keep you happy. And whatever guides you, be it an angel, spirit, or whatever you believe in, decides to give you a better life as you progress. 


Good luck and goodbye, 


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Proud hufflepuff


beauty comes from unity

where people taunt, hope says “try one more time”


your loving hybrid friend,


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Does your Akira mainly go by Ronin, or..




Please, I hope with this hiatus you can clear your head. I'll miss you. Keep eating kale, Tarik, keep being fabulous, Jaguar, and keep being the best, Ronin.


But most importantly,


keep being YOU - the best person you can be, Samurai.


Never stop.



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(thanks eris)




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I'll miss you, Samurai.


I'd say more but it's been a rough week and I don't feel like going into a fit of trying not to cry again.


You've always inspired me. I've always wanted to be like you. I hope you find happiness again, like the sun, it hides behind clouds sometimes. (And sometimes there's an ice age)

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Aww, bye Samurai. You will be missed. 

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Goodbye Samurai, have an amazing life. You deserve it (T﹏T)

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Good bye. I am so sorry that you feel the way you do. I'm also sorry that I didn't realize just how awful you felt. I will not try to change your mind, but if you ever decide to come back and want to get to know me, I want to be your friend and I am so sorry that I am so late in saying that. And I doubt that anyone could ever hate you. It may seem like that, but I think you are too nice for anyone to hate you.

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