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man. i have not written in this font in a long time.

uh for those of you who don’t know when i started using the samb i used times new roman 12pt purple. i stopped in favor of. yknow. not having to format my text everytime i wanted to write something.

where was i? oh right. leaving.

yes. i am leaving the samb. i was fading away anyway and i didn’t want to go anywhere without telling everyone where i was going.

why? one might say the gone disease. but i don’t believe in the gone disease. i believe a better term would be “growing up”. i’m finding new interests, new friends, new things i would like to do that the samb kind of gets pushed to the side in favor of the things i prefer to do. it’s not a disease, it’s what we are meant to do.

now we could argue over the gone disease over and over again but the point remains. i have grown. i have changed in the span of four years. and change involves creation and destruction--destroy the old me to create the new. however, in order to do that, i have to let go of things. things like the samb.

besides, this place has changed. a lot. it’s like someone performed a scratch on it (whee homestuck) and now nobody that i used to know is even here anymore and i have no idea who these people are. i feel like how i did back in november 2015, when i just found this place for the first time, except i’m wildly different now and am just kinda. done.

don’t be sad for me. don’t ask me to return. this place is a reminder of the person i used to be, and past me was so much more fake and honestly really unfunny when it came to it.

if you still feel sad, think about this: would you have asked me to return if i didn’t tell you explicitly i was leaving? be honest.

besides, i’m not sad. it’s not like i’m leaving everything behind, i’m taking some of it with me. i’m taking the lessons i’ve learned, the memories i’ve made, the knowledge that somewhere, on the other side of the world, met me and thought i was cool. one of my friends has since told me that i’m “not just smart, but wise”. and the samb was an important part of my getting that description.

so thank you.

as the title, suggests, fare thee well.


i’ve heard it said

that people come into our lives for a reason

that they have something we must learn, and we are led

to those who help us most to grow, if we let them

and we help them in return

well i don’t know if i believe that’s true

but i know i’m who i am today

because i knew you

like a comet pulled from orbit

as it passes a sun

like a stream that meets a boulder

halfway through the woods

who can say if i’ve been changed for the better

but because i knew you

i have been changed for good

~for good, from wicked

ps: besiiides it’s not like i’m disappearing off the face of the internet

i still have discord anyway and i’ll try to be more active there (yes i know i’m never present thank you very much)

and i have tumblr now!

my username is friendlyneighborhoodstoryteller (not my password, filter) and the blog’s name is “in which stories are told”

it basically has the same function as a homethread over here

so yeah if you really like stalking me that much then pop on over and say hi! you don’t even need an account, you can just send an anonymous ask

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who can say if i've been changed for the better, but

because i knew you

i have been changed

for good    




paalam at salamat, samb.

coming back for a bit, but don't count on it

(translation: goodbye and thank you, samb.)

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See you, Morningstar. I’ll remember you existed. Things will never stop happening constantly. This internet stranger is one who totally thinks you’re cool. I’m totally not going to stalk your tumblr.

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Arial (with Andale)


This world’s never truly dark

Come together now

Let’s find a galaxy we can call

Home, and let’s vow

To never let the moon’s light cloud


cultist of hinanan and zur


SHSL Esper


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Goodbye, Morningstar. I'm glad I got to know you!

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Eternity EternaFlamCrandberrand Katrina



Bobcat Twin


Gang @/341306















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robineyes9 kinda forget about this place once you've got a load ton of homework/social responsiblies/extra cirruculars/driving/teenagering to do.

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