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Here's my day two work. Another short story, futuristic, but hopefully leaves you with some questions.

Everyone, thank you for all prior purchases from this auction. With this, we move to out last lot of the evening, lot one-zero-five-one, and if I may say so, the best item of this auction. Lot one-zero-five-one is a house out in a forest, sitting on a lovely 10 acres. It has a delightful porch sure to give you rustic vibes, and the house itself is made of real, genuine wood. Talk about nice. This continues on inside, with a mix of time, wood, and carpeting, and furnishings that add to its quaint and rustic feel. This is not something you see everyday folks, and while the house is smaller than most apartments nowadays, especially for the likes of you, it is well worth it. It is in one of the few remaining natural places on this planet outside the parks, and with this, bidding shall start at 2 quint. Ah, thank you, sir in the blue. Do I see 3 quint? Three from the madam in purple. Four quint? Four from the sir in green. 5 quint? Five quint from the sir in orange. Six quint? Six from the madam in red. Seven quint? No? Going once, going- ah, seven quint from the sir in yellow. Can I get eight quint? Eight from the madam in black. Nine quint? No one? Going once… Going twice… Sold for eight quint to the madam in black. Thank you all for this fine evening. Please remember to pay for all your purchases, which will be sent accordingly to you shortly.

Once everyone has gathered all of their new object, and the madam the key to the rustic house, the screens in the auction house slowly go black, leaving it empty. If one had just arrived, there would be no signs, save for a slightly torn poster, about what had occurred here.

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There never waֆ a ǝɔoɥɔ


Why so silent, good Messieurs?

Did you think that I had left you for good?


One day I was walking and I found this big log


...Yes, I'm hiding in a crate. Tickets are expensive.




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Rebel, hon, this needs to continue. 

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░▒▓█ Баgёг/ЙЯ Єгч$їцѫ █▓▒░

#Puppy Killed Me#

ocean’s mb sis

Goodbye, my dear friends. It’s been fun. 

So raise your glass high, for tomorrow we die.