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This ones a bit futuristic, and honestly mildly grim. I unintentionally drew a comparison, if you see it. If not, its perfectly fine that way as well. Slightly ambiguous.


The machines clicked, banged, and roared, demanding constant attention and sacrifice from those in charge. They were well polished monsters, all shining chrome and silver, never allowed to get so much as a speck of tarnish on them. They had always been running, and no one knew what would happen if they stopped feeding the beasts- it had happened before, but no records remained of it happening nor of prior events. History was a very lacking thing- the machines controlled life, and everyone was powerless to stop it. Most didn't even think about the machines, choosing to live their insignificant lives in ignorance and surrounded by every convenience they could possibly desire. No matter how much they ignored, the machines never went away, and through blood and oil sacrifices continued on their noisy and significant lives.

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