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Shhh... I'm not late. Just wanted to still post this one, even if its a bit late.


It does intentionally end abruptly.


Things are not supposed to hiss. A hiss means something has gone terribly wrong, something potentially unfixable. Anything unfixable isn't good- we only have the remnants of the fallen society, and without them we likely won't get far. Its honestly impressive that we've gotten this far. Unfortunately, a hiss has sprung up in my territory, and I don't think Bessy (I named the remnants, okay) is going to make it. She'll be the fifth one to drop from my sector alone this week, which isn't a good thing. I wonder sometimes about what society must have been like before it was wrecked by the J'wri, but I suppose we'll never know. Its almost funny, two technological nations battling each other, though we were the losing side. Bessy's still hissing, and slowly, the rest of my machines start hissing. I'm not sure what's going on, all I know is that they opened up and-

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There never waֆ a ǝɔoɥɔ


Why so silent, good Messieurs?

Did you think that I had left you for good?


One day I was walking and I found this big log


...Yes, I'm hiding in a crate. Tickets are expensive.