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It is I, Saber, the former SAMBer and now WoFMBer, and I have a message for everybody that wants to RP, but can't, because nobody posts on them.  I have another option.  You could go to the WoFMB and check out some of the FWRPs and RPs there.  I'm not saying to leave the SAMB, I'm just telling you about the WoFMB and its FWRPs.


Two major FWRPs going on are GGaD and TFSK.  Let me start with GGaD.  GGaD, standing for Gods, Goddesses, and Deities, is a FWRP where you are a Deity!  Go around, and do fun stuff like party, or plot to take over the world!  The other one, TFSK, stands for The Four Season Kingdoms.  It's about four kingdoms, and each kingdom is associated with each season.  There's also this group that wants to take over the kingdoms, called the Equinox.


You should really check some of the FWRPs out.

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I have tried GGaD but nobody posted on mine, or they ignored my character.

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