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Chapter 1

Samira was annoyed, just like she was every other day she had to do her job. She was stuck in an endless cycle of digging tunnels while the Builders got to go and build fortifications such as forts and towers. She knew that she could be just as good as them, probably better than them, if she was just given the chance. As she was thinking this, she began to furiously dig through the snow, when she was suddenly met with a loud clang. She adjusted her headlight as she bent down, and with a gloved hand, pushed more snow off the partially visible metal object. As she unearthed it, she discovered it to be a box, rusted with age, and with an old combination lock on it, one from before the blizzards. As she grabbed the combination lock, she was able to get it open with ease, as the rust had weakened its strength. Once it was off, she pulled the lid up, curious as to what was inside. A glow seemed to come from inside the box, and once Samira had finished opening it, she was mildly disappointed. The glow had been reflections of light, and inside was a book and some sort of old technology. She opened the book, only to find it written in a strange language, one she figured to be pre-blizzard. While she couldn’t read it, she figured that it and the technology piece could be useful, so she stuffed them in a pocket of hers and went back to shovelling.

Once her shift was complete, she turned in the box, sans lock, to the overseer as regulation, and continued through the tunnels to her small home, as she wanted to study the piece of technology she had found. She also wanted to figure out the language in the book and what it said, but as a Shoveller she didn’t have access to the resources that would be necessary. When she reached her house, she walked in and removed much of her outerwear, leaving only a light jacket, thin under gloves, shirt, pants, and shoes on her person. She pulled the book and piece of technology out of her coat pocket, then set them down on her table before grabbing a match and lighting her lantern. She held the piece of technology close, and it was like nothing she had ever seen, not even in the museum trips that all children went on before they were determined for their jobs. It was somewhat spherical in shape, though not perfectly, as there was no top or bottom, and a hole through the center, leaving it as a more disc-shaped object. It was a light green with silver and gold lines running all over it, and small golden circles where a silver and gold line crossed. It was light as well, and seemed to stop itself from running into things, as she found when she threw towards one of her walls. It was as much a mystery as it had been previously to her, and she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. On one hand, she could turn it into her superiors and see what happened that way while keeping her job that she hated, or she could try to figure it out in secret and see where it led her. While Samira didn’t admit it often, she often dreamed of adventures and of saving the world, and this odd object and it’s book seemed as though it would lead to an interesting journey. Samira set her mind- she was going to figure out the objects mysteries, regardless of where it took her.

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There never waֆ a ǝɔoɥɔ


Why so silent, good Messieurs?

Did you think that I had left you for good?


One day I was walking and I found this big log


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