Hey guys!

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That's right . . .


Drago's here to conquer the SAMB!


In case you don't know me (likely), my name's DragonMind Firebender, but everyone calls me Drago. The stuff in my siggy is mostly stuff from the WoFMB, my home. I live in Forumsville there. I do a lot of GGaD (a very popular RP, Gods, Goddesses, and Deities) and - honestly don't read much in the way of SA. Just WoF, sorry. But I decided to try out the game, and I love it! Now, I guess I'm joining the SAMB fam!


So . . . yeah! Drago's here now, too!

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Gone Animatin'

I love y'all

Ayyyy, I'm back, Forumsville!

Please . . . before we go, read /356112.