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So, I'm kinda new, and don't know anybody yet. I don't know which councils to join, and I don't have anybpdy to complete a team quest with. I also would like advice on how to get your level up quickly.


Please help me.


Your friend in need,



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When I do play (which isn't very often, since I only have PC and the game works horrible on that), I generally join whatever council has the coolest-sounding name. There are nice people everywhere, so there isn't a particular council that's the best to join. They're all good. :)


I would be happy to do a team quest with you sometime, although with time zones that might be difficult to set up. Weekends I'm usually free, though Saturdays are iffy since I have taekwondo.


I haven't leveled up in so long that I can't really offer advice on leveling up quickly. Sorry! Other people probably have tips though. :)

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Okay, Ms. Cyclone's got some neatarino tiparinos for you!


-Do quests in Eura, those tend to have the most XP and items.


-XP boosts are worth it.


-Don't touch the fire from any boss with 'blazing' in the name.


-Right now, I think Moon Shadows and Moon Warriors are the top two councils when it comes to player activity.


-Use the mobile game, you'll have fewer problems with crashes and it should load faster. Android works the best.


-Once you unlock it (level 40), use unique armor. It's snazzy and helpful! But if you ever get to the point where you can get Green Gaurd armor, just know that the boosts on it aren't the best. I typically use Golden Sky, but Meteorite (the stuff I'm using right now) is also really good. 


Oof, I'm an SA game dork.

If you ever see me online, feel free to friend me and invite me to a coop quest!

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heyo! My name is Darmidnight and you can always come to me!

Well first of all some of these tips will be in my opinion..


Buy spirit animal books and use the code to get 200 greenheart tokens!


With those tokens use XP boost which can really help you!


Ok this is in my opinion, don't start multiplayer until you are past at least maybe idk forty five because you dont get too much XP.... this is in my opinion. Lol i didnt start multiplayers until i was fifty five lol...


When you get the XP boost, do Solo Quests because at your level you could prob lvl up at least 2 levels.


Always use your most powerful weapon and best cloak. Sometimes for Common Weapons they could actually be better than Legendary.


Have fun! It is a game and enjoy it with your friends!


Feel free to friend me!


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