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(Mods plz let this thro)



So my sister had to atch this cyber safty or whatever video and i hear "remember to never share your birthday, city you live in in, or other personal info, because Hackers an easily steal your identity from theses things.



Guys, the Mods are trying to protect us!


So i would like to make this thread for all the wonderful mods here.


Anyone reading this(unless you are a mod), could you plz give a shoutout to a mod here at scholastic


I will start:


Mod Becky, 


Thank you so much for replying quickly and actually(no offense, i know you guys are busy) trying to help with the filter/bans and stuff.




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Thanks for keeping scholastic safe!  Somebody write something! ... I know I probably sound like an ad, but if we didn’t have these filters and bans, I never probably post anything in the first place. So yeah, I appreciate being able to post.  I don’t really know any mods, (if I do then I haven’t realized yet) but thanks.

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 can't think of anything  put here.