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Be warned, do not take any of these seriously. They are all just my opinion. Except the last line.


Undeniable Truths



Society has come to accept some

Facts as but an undeniable truth.

There are many truths I have at my thumb,

Impossible to prove wrong, nor uncouth.

Smash Bros Ultimate needs Waluigi,

Creme is the best part of the Oreo,

Spaghetti tastes the same as luigini,

Honey is a waste on a Cheerio.

Batman vs. Superman was a bore,

Rowling somehow ruined Harry Potter,

Jack could have and should have fit on the door.

Thanos really, really “loved” his daughter.

Wait! Now, before you do anything rash,

Can we agree that Nickleback is trash?


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Sub 2 Pewdiepie

G A M E R S, R I S E  U P

Sned help

 Me Me BIG Disappointment

Remember Stefan (Robbie Rotten), Stan Lee and Stephan Hillenburg

I.S. ruined Fire Emblem

Wait, am I supposed to put something edgy and/or thought provoking here?