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This world is generally similar to ours (haven’t gotten that far .,.) but in this world, demons and spirits exist. Not “take your soul and drag you to the burning world” demons, but demons of sin.


The 7 deadly sins, in fact. Everybody has 1, sometimes 2, depending on which they have (a sloth demon might attract a glutton demon, but the attracted is always quieter until one leaves.) the weaker they are (in terms of damage) are often the most convincing (in order, sloth, glutton, vanity, envy, wrath (which is also the rarest) demons can be picked up or leave at their own will, or enter/leave for circumstancial reasons (I.e. if person starts dieting, glutton demons soon leave, but will be more likely replaced with envy, vanity, or sloth, depending on how they treat dieting/ see themselves.) Demons have “loud” and “quiet” areas/“likes and dislikes”. A loud area makes you easier to convince (mall for vanity) and quiet area quiets demons (forests/peaceful areas for wrath) likes and dislikes are a bit trickier, as they vary by human personality on its own. 


Most worldbuilding i got for a story story so far.

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