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Taylor did nothing wrong


The only female protagonist I've liked since i was nine and obsessed with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and this is how you treat her? 


I feel numb. But that ending... it brought tears to my eyes. Of anger, of pain, and happiness.


And then it just turned into a heart-wrenching agony with a rage-filled background, as I realize what truly transpired. Poor, poor Taylor. Morally grey, an anti-hero on all accounts. But she did what she thought was right. She sacrificed her entire being. Her brilliant mind, her powers. Everything.


Just to prepare any wayward travelers hoping to embark on this journey. I had no expectations and my impulsiveness drove me to believe that the characters I loved would make it out okay. I was wrong. So, so wrong.


Dang, I hate this. Now lets go scare myself at midnight to hopefully invoke an adrenaline rush akin to what I've been riding out these past few nights, and close my eyes to a million conspiracy-driven thoughts rather than the unanswered question of: "Why?" and the terrible pain it bring the longer i linger on it.

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"I'm not the one who's lost with no direction, but you'll never see."Thanks for the memories, everyone. I'll miss you all.