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This... makes me angry so much that the forums are going down. 

I have gotten myself so attached to this place... 

I love you guys so much. 


I don't know. 

Please, please don't forget me. 


@Galaxian - You are my best friend on here! I can't even imagine what life will be like without talking to you!  

I give you permission to draw Silence whenever you want, and consider her as one of your own OCs. Because of you, I probably would of ditched the idea of her and probably wouldn't have continues making SAMB backstory RPs. You gave me inspiration. I also wouldn't mind if you drew the gang and OPs...

Thank you.


@Everyone - I love you all! And... sorry that I only added a personal thanks to Galaxian. I hope you can forgive me on that. You all have made me happier, and I thank you all. 


Now... for some words from the Gang and OPs!: 


Silence - "Hmph! You annoying SAMBers have grown on me..." *Sighs and smiles* "Don't change a bit..."


North - "Tis I, Thou King of The North!I declare that all of you live happy lives and be happy! It's rule rule no one can break!" 


Lilian - "Oh... my turn. U-uh..." *Blushes* "You all are very nice people... so stay that way! And be polite too, since the best way to make friends is being polite!" 


Whisper - "HA HA! You SAMBers are awesome! Like me! Stay beautiful!" *Poses* "Like me!" 


South - "Hmm... d'n't catch the house on fire when cookin'." *Is punched by Whisper* "Okay, okay...! When people start talkin' bad to ya, hit them back w't kindness!" 


Tranquility - "Hello... you all were really nice to me... so be nice to everyone like you were to me!" 


Solar - "Well hello, ladies and gents! Bet ya didn't expect me here-"




Solar - *Annoyed slightly* "Alright!" *clears throat* "You kiddos... don't get into fights, ya hear!? Don't need none of you guys gettin' hurt!" 


Echo - "You know how when you see someone you crush on, and think that they are beautiful and think no one looks at you like you look at that one person. Well, you are wrong. There is someone just like you who thinks you are the most beautiful person. 

And that is me." 


*The gang poses for a picture* 


*Camrea flashes* 


*Echo's smile quickly fades, and tears brim her eyes* 


*She quickly wipes the tears away, and gives a small smile to the SAMBers* 


Echo - "Thank you... for being there for me!" 

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How long have I been up? 

IDK :(

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Oh, Echo, I'll really miss you! I wish you luck with your life and if you ever can get Homebase, make sure to stop in and say hi. 

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Ohhh my gosh Echo...


You were actually definitley one of my best friends on this place. I really am going to miss you, I actually have no idea what to say-- 


Stay Maple-y. 

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