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All these posts saying final goodbyes, and how the SAMB is dying, and everything just looks sad to me now... I remember when I was showed the SAMB by my IRL friend who doesn't get on here anymore, and how great it was to see everything, and talk to people, and stuff, and how it was my little save-haven, and now it's dying so quickly... What the everloving [beep], man... I mean, I know I've never been one to make these threads because I've always ghosted anyways, but now that it's dying so quickly, I finally wanna just say how much this hurts. 


And I know I'm constantly switching between Amino and here, but this was always like my online home, and I loved seeing how others were doing, what was going on, what roleplays there were... Gosh... 


I feel a bit childish because "This is a children's forum anyways and you're about to be 16, move on," but I am childish. Anyways, I guess what I'm just tryin'a restate the title, but yeah... Either way, I'm not leaving, I just wanted to say how sad it made me to see all those threads about how this place is dying and people are leaving. And don't get me wrong, I understand people grow up, and people are busy, and people have LIVES outside of the SAMB, but so many threads at one time, and I just... Whatever. Okay. I'm done here, I think I've said all I can....




Mods, please let this through? 

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Don't be ashamed of being childish. I'm older than that and I'm still here. o.o


Anyway, it hurts me too, knowing the forums are going away and looking at the front page and only seeing goodbye posts. But hey, no one can take your memories away. Nothing lasts forever, but memories do.

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your a husky as well ^  ^

anyways i will miss you too

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