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ok but seriously


my time on the samb was short and fragmented


but i'll cherish every moment


for as long as i can


even if i'm terrified


because i know i'll forget


laughing like crazy in the public library over posts on here while everyone stares


staying up until crazy hours on chat, just talking about life


walking to the bus stop, my eyes sore and red-rimmed


because i'm worried about someone


or i stayed up working on a post


or whatever, it doesn't really matter


but even if i forget


even if this place is wiped from the internet


it's still there


a pattern (as cheesy as it sounds) traced on our hearts




and maybe one day someone will come across home base and just be entranced


fall into it like we all did and never want to leave


and maybe people will do it over and over again


but it won't be the same


maybe that's ok


things blossom


and things wilt


and that's just... life


the future is uncertain


but maybe something can blossom again


maybe someday we can go back and get lost in the stars



ocean/arl/anyone who didn't ignore me haha I'm desperate: y'all the real mvp's sorry I can't personalize more my internet shuts off in 30 seconds



well, I guess this is the end of an era.


it's been an honor.

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Galaxy/Hoodie/yeet boi




"He smiled, and his face was like the sun"

-Madeline Miller, Song of Achilles




“Awesome... wow”

-King George


we had a good run.

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This was amazing. 

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░▒▓█ Баgёг/ЙЯ Єгч$їцѫ █▓▒░

#Puppy Killed Me#

ocean’s mb sis

Goodbye, my dear friends. It’s been fun. 

So raise your glass high, for tomorrow we die.

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We'll miss you. :(

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- Lahash -

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"Fear not in this Time of Chaos, this War of Darkness. For on the horizon, there shines a light, a light brighter than any before . . ."