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i never thought i'd use this account again.




my name is luka. you knew me as reverie, revie, hakucho, kagami(mochi), and arirang, maybe even pearl or eleanor or raine or shade or ima or eunwol, and if you're sharp, nausicaa or mikan or saturn. yeah, i was kinda infamous for switching names every few months, as well as aesthetically pleasing color-faded signatures, some minor bits of writing, and roleplays that never took off on their own, but started trends that became pretty famous around here.


although no one remembers, i was actually the one who named the iconic ship noxory. i myself didn't remember this until i rediscovered the thread, lol. you can find it at /151342 , if you'd like. it's one of the gems of the last of the golden days.


my first post was february 2015, although i started playing the game in 2013. it might have been beta then, i don't even remember anymore. it's not like i haven't been on semi-recently, though- my new main account is windprincess8. i just thought i'd return to my true origin for this post.


i've made so many memories here. the samb literally taught me how to think twice about my words, how to be nice, how to socialize, and how there were people who were just like me. the samb used to be everything to me. now, i have friends of a kind, i have a passion, i have a path. i've graduated, in a sense, from this moderated model of society, a playground where you can make mistakes and learn from them freely. all the nuances of truly growing up, i learned here.


the samb helped me discover my identity, and find a sense of purpose within myself. i've made amazing friends here who have shaped my entire life, and the list would be too long, but if any of you are reading this (and i know some are), please know that i owe you so much. thank you.


i was a scared, emotional child in a body that aged too fast for my mind, in a world that spun too fast around an invisible center i never found.


now? i'm still scared. i'm still emotional. i'm still, in many ways, a child. but i'm discovering myself. i'm growing into my life, i'm finding my place in the world and learning to spin within it. 


the samb kickstarted my long, long journey of self-acceptance. now, my childhood haven is disappearing, and i don't know how to feel- shocked? it had to end. sad? in some ways, yes, but i've already learned to move on.


i will continue growing, changing, and learning. the samb was the start, yes- but it will not be my end. right now, all we can do is bid a bittersweet goodbye to the forums, and a see-you-later to all of our friends.


thank you, everyone, past and present.


(celest, if you see this (since you checked in recently), thank you especially. i really did look up to you. ig: samb.station)

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just letting you know i'm still alive

title your next post sticky mochi if you see this

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Good thoughts, Kagami. Good thoughts.

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ASLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,you'd make a great teacher.


My gang:Strawberry Shortcake, Plum Pudding, Lemon Meringue, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry Torte, Ginger Snap



The world changes,nature shrivels but also blooms,yet we stay strong.



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aaa i knew you as airarang i think and thank you for being here!

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oceans rise, empires fall

we have seen each other through it all


for even if i‘m far away i hold you in my heart


no matter where you go

you’ll never be alone


toffee’s still a walnut


I'm going down with this ship

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I’ve always seen you as Reverie, for whatever reason. But at any rate, goodbye and good luck. It was always nice talking to you.

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Raven Tsakaryn

   ~est. April 2014~


Oh, how I've missed you, my friend...

Time has changed us both.

But deep down, our hearts remain the same.

So, no matter where life takes us, remember...






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I knew you as Reverie!!! You mighta known me as Tisharu, but I remember interacting with you a lot. Good to see you back for a bit  :)

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and my flipside, Solar






Proud Ravenclaw!    








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I knew you as Reverie as well.

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Forget all this stuff that I usually put here. The forums are ending so no one cares what's supposed to be here.


But this is what I want you all to remember: Be kind. You will have everything in life if you are kind.


Love you all.


~Windsong <3