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Hello, everyone. Not very many of you remember me or even know who I am even more. I get that, I mean, I just remembered I had an account and decided to check this place out I once called home. This place seems to have changed a bunch - seeing all of the new people too. I most likely won't stay on here, since all of my friends aren't here anymore. I just wanted to drop in and say hi and greet everyone. 


Before this gets burried at least.


The SAMB (do you guys still use that term?) is an amazing place, I must say. Seeing how this website is still thriving even after... maybe two and a fourth years later ever since I left? Maybe I'm considered an elder or 'old person' here now. Who knows - there's been a lot of other people I know that are gone. What's the chance I'll get to see them here?


I've done some looking around under five minutes and I'm really happy to see that some people I know are still around here. Maybe not as active, but, hey, it's great. (Hi Frost, if you're reading this).




So, what's going on now in the SAMB? Anyone even know who I am? 

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No longer active anymore, please remember me


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Hello. I feel like I remember you, but I was on hiatus frequently 2016-2017, so maybe not. Regardless, welcome back.


Unfortunately, the SAMB and all other forums are being deleted on the 29th. There will be a "News Feed" feature in the Home Base game, similar to the forums but not quite the same.

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FAITH!!!! *tackles* good to see you again!

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Yep, we still use the term "SAMB". I've definitely heard of you--I put your name on a list before.


The SAMB is going by the end of this month. Still, nice to meet you.




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