You have been practicing for years and years to be accepted into the hardest and most dangerous school of warriors! You are just waiting to get an invitation. After you feel like it has been longer than your actual life, you get an invitation at the school. You stay in the dorms and are at the school for until you have mastered everything in the world. But suddenly rumor spreads that there are monster teachers that would stop at nothing to steal the kids precious powers. Precious powers meaning there incredible skills and inner power. Are these actual rumors or are they real? You must find out or else you and your friends life are in trouble and you will never escape the school and never see the light of day ever again.....


You may say (filter).

No OP characters.

You may be number 1 at a lot of thing but not everything. Just specific stuff. You can be number one up to 3 groups. Ex:

Sports, Fighting and Stealth. Fighting obviously so two i guess. 

No real arguing just the rp arguing. i hope no one has an actual problem with

You can have weird eye colors and weird tattoos but nothing too weird.


Powers(yes i meant the elemental powers but just one)!

Earth: Can summon massive earthquakes.

Storm: Can summon massive storms

Fire: Summon fire

Air: Weighs nothing when wants to. Can fly.

Water: Control water.

Strength: has super strength

Invisble: well... invisble lol

Nature: can talk to animals and control plants on how they grow


Tryout Forms








Are you ok with getting hurt:

Are you ok with getting killed:


Animal:(like as your simble) up to two animals including mythical ones



My form

Name: Heather

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Sexuality: She thinks it is all really gross

Personality: has a serious attidue. Confident, short tempered, tough, courage, brave. Leader. DOES NOT LIKE DRESS OR SKIRTS AT ALLLL! Is not fashionable at all

Apperance: dirty blond hair, her eyes change depending on her mood, tall 5'5, fit, skinny (not like too skinny those), long legs short body. Usually has a braid into a ponytail, on occasions she will have a side braid.

Armor: Black armor with a golden sword. Black camouflage ranger cloak. Bow an arrow on her back. In her boots that make it impossible to make noise with, she has a back up knife.

Are you ok with getting hurt: yes

Are you ok with getting killed: no

Weapon: Can fight with any weapon but prefers sword, bow, and throwing knife. She even ranks above adults.

Animal: wolf and phoenix

Other/Skills: Can fight VERY WELL, do not underestimate her or she will show you. Very good at all sports especiall soccer and football. Very good at stealth.

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*I have returned!*

The world's not falling apart, its falling into place. We see only a few pieces of the puzzle while the creator sees them all.


Proud  Christian




#Remember the Lost


Jade = twin


2019 is a green bean

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Name: Aila Castello

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual, but she's unaware of it and doesn't think of it as important.

Personality: Aila is aloof, standoffish, and independent, preferring to work on her own. She's not a people person, and isn't that good when it comes to interacting with others. She's fond of animals and nature, finding them to be soothing and more understanding than humans. Her temper isn't the best, and she's quite prone to lashing out at others over small things. Physical violence or threats are typically her go-to solution to a problem. She's perfectly willing to offer advice and medical help to those who ask, but will not tolerate people who try to take advantage of it or disregard her words. Her patience extends mainly to applying medical treatment, and not to reasoning with others.

Appearance: Aila's not particularly short, standing at just over 5'7, with a slender build. She has knee-length, dusty brown hair in a braid, secured with a dark green ribbon, and pupiless, aqua-colored eyes. Her primary outfit consists of a gray shawl over a light green blouse, somewhat baggy, black pinstripe pants, and knee-high brown boots with a medium heel.

Armor: A light gray cuirass, with a chainmail shirt under it. She wears leather greaves and armguards over fingerless gloves with it, knee-high riding boots, and a woolen green shawl. A belt attached to the cuirass has pouches to hold medical supplies and equpiment, and she usually carries a messenger's bag that holds whatever supplies she cannot fit onto her belt. A dark brown sash is tied around her waist, under the belt, providing protection for her legs.

Are you ok with getting hurt: Yes.

Are you ok with getting killed: Yes.

Weapon: Quarterstaff, but she's also fairly skilled with knives and daggers.

Animal: Swan

Other: Power is nature. Her specialty is healing, treating injuries and illnesses, stuff like that. Don't ever imply that it makes her weak or unksilled in combat, or she'll show you how wrong that assumption is.

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Raven Tsakaryn

   ~est. April 2014~


Oh, how I've missed you, my friend...

Time has changed us both.

But deep down, our hearts remain the same.

So, no matter where life takes us, remember...