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I noticed lately while looking through some posts, especially on the announcements about the closure of the MB, that some of the posts got rather... vitriolic. This isn't beneficial for anyone, and is in fact rather detrimental to everyone.




First of all,  I understand the anger and frustration and the urge to lash out. It's perfectly normal in a situation like this. But. BUT. That anger and frustration still isn't an excuse to rip into Becky.




Attacking Becky is just the wrong thing to do. She's not the one making the decisions here It's not Becky's fault that this is happening. Attacking her won't change anything - it's not going to help save the MB. All it's going to do is sour the relationship between Becky and, well, us.


If she's being attacked by the people she's trying to help... well, that very well might make her less inclined to help and be present.




People who are in community-facing positions, like Becky, often have to bear the brunt of the backlash of announcing something, even if they have no control over the change and often don't understand the changes or why they were made. It's really not healthy for someone to deal with backlash like that, especially alone.


I'm a mod in other corners of the internet. I've seen it happen first hand to people - they get dragged down over something totally not their fault. It's awful. 




Please don't be part of the problem. The mods are people too. They don't deserve your vitriol.




Thanks for what you do and put up with, Becky.

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I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out

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I don't know what happened, but I hope Becky will be okay. D:

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Turns out...


I'm all of them


And that's who I will always be...

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This is a nice message. 

















But i dknt care I’m angryyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






























jk we love you Becky 

plz Phil

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