Are y'all crying?

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Dear SAMB,

You have been a wonderful friend to many. You've gotten people through the good times and the bad times. You've created memories that will last forever. Friendships were made, and conflicts tore us apart. But we always pulled ourselves back together.

You helped me through so many struggles that I can't even begin to list... and I thank you for that.

SAMB, thank you for always being there. Even if we haven't.

You've gotten through trolls, wars, hackers... but all good things must come to an end.


You won't be forgotten, SAMB. We'll miss you dearly.


Goodbye, old friend.

May your legacy always be remembered by the people who came here.




P.S. Phil, please allow this through. We'll miss you and your annoyances too.

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Goodbye everyone... it was good while it lasted. I'll always remember you, SAMB.

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Dear SAMB,


You may be gone soon, but a part of my heart is still here. This place will always be my home. Correction, these people make this place my home. The SAMB is a people, and we will always know that. Because of the SAMB ending, the people who make up the SAMB will be split. Many more tears will be shed, for the worst is still coming.


But we will survive! We will make it through! We have survived through wars, hackers, and more, and are still here to tell the tale. I can't say it will be easy, because It's not. But have hope, we will make it if we learn how to move on.


This place will never be forgotten, nor it's people.


Hang in there!



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I feel weird writing a letter to a website but I'm going to miss this place.

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Daer SAMB,


You taught me so much and let me meet so many new people. I won`t forget you. I´ll miss you SAMB.




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Dear SAMB:


I first posted here when you had yet to progress beyond an infantile state of being. So I left to play the SA game, which was far simpler and far more functionable back in 2013/2014. (What year was it?)


The second time I posted, you greeted me as if I was a lunatic. I currently now recognize and will readily admit this to be the truth, although I was less than happy to be called a crazy back then.


Anyways, it's all good now. 


The adolescents born and raised by you have grown- some of us maturing beyond recognition. We were children back then, and children a few may still be, and perhaps may remain. It did not matter the age. You played the same roles for many of us; teacher, friend, family. . . you played these for the many who passed through, lacking proper teachers, friends, or families in real life. 


Yet, now is the time where we must part ways. We have, as a whole, come to accept your inevitable fate. We were your children, as we always will be, and remain. Through you we have lived, continued, and eventually, thrived.


You housed our suffering; our rants typed at 2 in the morning, our flamewars, our conflicts. You nurtured us and supported us through many a heartbreak and loss. You taught us about the world at large, and in you, we found an acceptance that we could not find elsewhere.


In the end, it was not you as a place that we returned to, time and time again.


It was the people.


Yes, many have shed a tear for you when we learned of what your future was to be. Yes, we will bid you farewell as we would any friend. How could we not? You will be reduced to nothing more than a fond memory, deeply cherished but interent dust all the same. We, your children, will always associate you with a strong sense of nostalgia.


But even though you must leave, we do not. The SAMBer's are a community, a family. You may have been housing us for the past 4/5/6/I forget years, but we will still have the others to comfort us.


(Though this isn't meant to make light of my emotions over this- I seriously thought I would keep posting here until I would be put six feet under)


So this is it. And as many others have said before me: Goodbye.


-Virtual Vivid Lively, A.K.A. LivVirtual   



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