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I just watched the Death Note Netflix movie and I want to die.


It's so bad.


How could you mess up such a straight forward character/backstory like that?


Like for hecks sake, Light was not "chosen" to get the death note. This is one of the biggest issues I have with it. In the anime, the fact that it was RANDOM was a HUGE SYMBOL. It showed that out of all people, Light got his hands on it.


And WHY does the demon (who I can't spell their name) look like a mutated opossum with spikes and a weird smile? 


Okay, and there is NO WAY Light (well I guess it was the demon, but no sane person would buy it if he told them a demon did it) could have gotten away with trashing an entire classroom like that. There were some EXPENSIVE things broken, and any normal teacher would be hecka mad.


And isn't Light supposed to be, ya know, smart? Because he's missing so many brain cells in that movie. Like, why would you just show some girl you barely know a notebook of death without even stopping to think "hmmm maybe it's not a good idea to show a girl who keeps flirting with me a creepy book that can kill people..."



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