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yeah. i'm glad this place will still exist long after we're gone. i regret not being as active as i could have been, writing on here, or making friends. my alt account, Auria, kind of did that work for me until it, too, become inactive. mostly because of the cringey stuff i wrote on it. god, i can't escape the cringe. 


so, yeah. a list of other things i regret:

-not joining rps

-only going back online to see if there was any ongoing drama

-acting like a little ...... most of the time

-um, flooding the MB with all my very sharp, very edgy rants and writings

-writing on here to begin with.


most of the people i looked up to left a while ago, but this new group isn't too bad, so i hope to see ya'll soon. maybe i can take the reigns again - start to be an actual member of this funky little society (ha, not going to happen.) 


i'm going to miss this little town when we all move to the big city. some of ya'll aren't coming, which saddens me, but hopefully we'll find you... sometime. 


also, i never really posted anything to negate my undeniable cringiness back when i was ten/eleven/twelve and even thirteen. like. if any future wayward traveler stumbles across my past, well, i pity them almost as much as i pity myself for deciding to post it. 


anywho. this was fun while it lasted - almost four years (on this account) that i've spent here. weird, ain't it, to think about. 


well. i guess that's it. i'm rambling and that's okay. i'll bump this up on the closing day so i won't die along with the SAMB, hopefully, and i hope you guys do the same. 


goodbye, edgy ten-year-old self. may you find peace and prosperity among the sea of dead childhoods and goodbye messages. 


(and, yes, my grammar is terrible. cut me some slack, it's past midnight.)

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"I'm not the one who's lost with no direction, but you'll never see."Thanks for the memories, everyone. I'll miss you all.