Have you heard of Entity 303 before reading this?

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Hey i got more news on Entity 303 and Herobrine/Null.

Entity 303 is real, it turns out. But hes not evil. He is a second part of Herobrine and is trying to get attention so people will notice him. Herobrine doesn't know him because Herobrine and 303 are eachother and cant see eachother because of that. Notice that every sighting with both Herobrine and 303 ha been proven fake by nametags, and other errors. Null is a totally different situation though. He is all the errors in minecraft, but is also nothing. He is all the glitches and bugs that have been "fixed" and all the items that have been removed. He cannot be removed. He has limits on everything. yet somehow manages to communicate. everybody spread the word.

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wow... 3 levels in an hour... am i really that good at this game?


Herobrine and Null are real.

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I know that entity 303 can teleport cause i'm an minecraft expert  and the person who taught me this was Radapedaxa a famous youtuber and to tell you guys herobrine is a helper not a enemy he's trying to tell us what entity 303 would do to us.

 entity 303. say hello to the good and always herobrine and because his front name is hero ,GET IT

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I can see your concern, and I share the same fear. I have always been a bit jumpy while playing after learning about Entity 303. However, I can confirm to you that Entity 303 is in fact, a hoax. I have been playing Minecraft for as long as I can remember, and have never encountered such a thing. Also, there is no code in the game that would allow an entity to behave in such a way. Another thing is that the conspiracy theory says that Entity only appears when you play Minecraft at 3:00, though I'm not sure whether it's 3:00 AM, or PM. Entity 303 isn't the first time people have attempted to arise fear in Minecraft, as well. Herobrine and Null are other examples, yet they were all proven to be false. However, people will still try to make others believe these myths, and always will. Despite it all, I can assure you that if Entity 303 was proven to be real, Minecraft would be shut down for investigation due to being haunted by a creature of the supernatural. Also, Notch (the creator of Minecraft) himself has said that none of the Minecraft Creepypastas are real, and it's all in the player's mind. So in other words, I believe I rest my case that you can play Minecraft safely, and that the most flightening thing you will encounter is a sudden glitch, or a dark cave (still ghost-free, but have the sound off because cave-noises are really scary!). So feel free to download Minecraft, and good luck! 

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Null, Entity, and Herobrine are my friends.  Trust me Entity is actually pretty nice to me



i mean he said he just makes crosses

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memes and vines and memes and vines

holy heck i spilled my wine









I know quite a bit about him...

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I’m pretty sure it’s a myth, I don’t believe in that stuff, especially herobrine, this stuff just messes with what your doing, you think entity 303 is gonna delete your world? Then you don’t make one, I just don’t think about it, and anyway it all seems fake.

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its been a great time. I think I should make a real signature.

i do think I should leave early. But besides that- I think everyone should still be happy and to move on even If it hurts. Best of luck.


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