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    I have decided twice a month I will make a comic to send out for fun. I also have 14 red favorite stars, so please star it if you like my new comic series!Every star counts! :D Remember, enjoy the story, and have fun! The new series is called Greenhaven Heros. I am:


if you want to friend me!:) I just got a Spirit Animals account two months ago, and I have books 1 and 2, but have not entered code for second book, planning to! :)


                                                  Greenhaven Heros 

                                                        Comic 1- Had A Bad Day

Setting:Greenhaven castle, 9:48 A.M


One morning,


Tarik yawned and glanced at his clock. 


What? Does that say 9:48 A.M?


He rubbed his eyes. YIKES! WHAT HAPPENED? His alarm was supposed to go off at 8:50 so he could have a meeting with Olvan until 9:35! He said he would be there, and never hit the snooze button, but he could have sworn he set his alarm for 8:50!


How could that be possible? It's not on snooze...


Just then, he heard a vibrating sound. It was his phone. 


Great, it's Olvan ready to pound me. Get ready for the downpour of questions, Tarik.


He took a deep breath and picked up his phone. It said,



 Tarik sighed and shut the alarm off, but as he was making his bed, he noticed something. Actually two things! One, one of his pillows was missing

Two, there was a little red light on his clock.

Tarik turned his clock around and it said, MUTE. 


He thought.

  When he finished making his bed, topped with a sigh, he pulled out his brush.

What a night.

"OH NO! A BAD HAIR DAY, TOO?" His hair looked crazy! Then, he heard a soft knock on the door. "Who is it?"Asked Tarik trying to sound cheery. "It's me, Lenori." "Come in." Replied Tarik. Lenori gasped, then quickly covered it up with a cough.

   "Umm. Bad time?" Tarik looked at the floor. "Sorry, I'm having an off day, but no it's fine." "Okay. Have you looked outside yet?" Tarik ran to the curtains and yanked them apart. His mouth was wide open. "So.. as you can see, due to the weather, by which I mean, rainstorm the training was cancelled." "Oh." Tarik looked very disappointed. "But the meet with Olvan I accidently missed wasn't. It was inside." There was a pause where the room went quiet, except for the rain.


                        "I'm sorry, I'm just having a very bad day. If you see Olvan, please tell him that." Tarik almost whispered, breaking the silence. "Sure. I understand."And Lenori walked out of the room, closing the door quietly as if he were asleep. When she was gone, Tarik tried brushing the knots of of his hair. 

                          "What a day. I sure hope tomorrow will be better." 


                                                            THE END! -dogquest48

                            In two weeks, there will be another comic! :) Stars are helpful!





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